Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simulation of bar code production

Tutorial before the start of the first results look as follows:

As shown in the FW4 which produces analog bar code effect is fairly easy, but we must first be clear that the effect of such a bar code we can only simulate the production, fine if you want to make a formal rigorous bar code, then you need to locate the precise operation of the. Well, simulate the effect of how to generate bar codes, see the details behind these steps:

The first step, open the FW, the new file, the file size is set to: width of 88 pixels by 31 pixels; background color from the set, this uses a transparent background image.

The second step, select the rectangle drawing tool kit, draw a rectangle in the editor, set the rectangle's fill is produced simulated bar code that the key effect, so we must be in accordance with the following settings.
Draw the rectangle selected, open the Fill (fill) panels, will be populated into Folds, concrete filled program for the "White, Black", the other option is to keep the default values are not altered, the specific configuration shown in Figure 01:

Figure 01 Fill Fill settings

The third step, the selected rectangle object, open the Info (information) panels, will be W, H, X, Y values within each box accordingly modify the settings, just draw the rectangle to change the size and location, make the rectangle the size of the just right for the size of editing area, the specific settings in Figure 02 below:

Figure 02 Info panel to set

The fourth step, in accordance with the steps shown above, then, will produce the effect shown in Figure 03:

Figure 03 rectangular object in the editing area size and location

The fifth step, well, a crucial step to! Selected rectangular object, rectangular adjustment handle will appear, presumably meaning the regulating handle rectangle that everyone is clear, rounded ends to adjust the color fill color of the starting position, adjust the square end of the endpoint color for the fill color location. Now we drag the square of the adjusted endpoint, change the fill color of the end of the location of the endpoint, the ultimate effect of dragging the endpoint for the square and circular regulating the regulation of the endpoint to maintain the same straight line, as shown in Figure 04:

Figure 04 to adjust the direction of fill handle

The sixth step, we can see that simulation results have been produced bar code has become. In this way, the next operation on the relatively simple, and can be selected bar code, and then open the Info panel to change the size of bar code, and then use the Text tool to enter in the edit area corresponding numeric code, such a simulated bar code on the form! Figure 05 shows:

Figure 05 barcode effects

[This section prompts] The study in this section, we can see that the main focus of the operation of the filling effect is further adjusted by adjusting the fill effect, we can find many beautiful, incredible results will appear fill in front of us, Members can test it!

Last note: bar code produced, and I do not know whether the FW through learning with updated knowledge, the next step we will use this section to continue in-depth approach to the production of an animation effect - TV snowflake animation, please attention!

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